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Senior Pictures For Amber

Amber was set on having her senior pictures taken in Bowler Wisconsin.  Colleen showed us a great place at the Bowler Ranger Station.  Boy, I sure wished I could take that place home.  What a beautiful place!  Of course it was delightful to work with my own daughter.  With this being a new place we had to try out all the wonderful spots we’d come across.  She was enjoying it and of course so was I.   So we ended up getting more than enough pictures.  She went through and narrowed it down to these that I’m posting.  Thanks Amber!


Boys & Water Equals Fun!

Some boys just know how to have fun!  Our family was in Bowler Wisconsin visiting family.  While we were there we spent a wonderful afternoon at the Bowler Ranger Station.  A wonderful location for a photographer.  Auntie Colleen showed us the beautiful park.  She brought along her two sweet grandkids.  Brianna helped Amber and I capture senior portraits of Amber.  Of course I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the two boys.  They sure had fun playing in that stream while waiting on me.

Cortright Boys

Bowler Wisconsin Ranger Station


Playing in the stream

Fun in the Water

Watching the grandkids play in the Water

Boys in the Stream

Barefoot in the water

Playing in the Water

Feet in the Water

Splashing and Playing in the Stream

Sitting on the Rock in the stream

Dustin’s Senior Pictures

More senior pictures to share.  We did Dustin’s pictures over at my parents place.   It was fun to finally meet Dustin, for his mother and I work together, so I feel like I know him through his mother.  She is sure proud of him and now I can see why.  Anyhow here is some of the pictures I captured.  If you want to see a video of them then click here.   You can also view all his pictures here (need a password to view them).











Sam’s Senior Pictures

It’s always a pleasure taking senior pictures, especially of kids I’ve seen grow up.  Sam lives just down the road from us and I’ve known him since he was a young tike.  My son Kyle and Sam hung out with each other alot through the years.  It’s hard to believe he’s a senior and will be moving on.  What a nice young man he’s become!

I took his senior pictures this past Monday when it was still cold out and snow remained on the ground.  At least the sun was shining and snow melting.  Anyhow we took these from around the dairy farm.  It was certainly hard to pick which pictures to post here on the blog, but here goes.

If you’d like you can view the quick slide show I put together using some of his other photos.  Click here to go to the place where I have the video clip and choose “Sam’s Senior Portraits”.

Click here to view all the photographs from the session (will need a password to view).












Moonrock Equine Show

For the last number of years I’ve been going to Worland to get pictures of the Moonrock Equine Show. It takes place the first weekend in June. It is an awesome place to be if you want to watch some fantastic jumping. This year they couldn’t jump out at the “Moonrock’ place because of the rain. So they held it in the arena. Because of the rain and some others reasons I ended up photographing the events from the stadium. Of course, that presents challenges in capturing good pictures. Yet I did the best I could, considering.

I was reminded of an incident that took place because of an order that was just made the other day. It was so memorable that I had to share it here.

A horse came to a jump that had a little pool of water in it. It didn’t know quite what to do. It jumped clear over it and so high and of course it’s legs sprung right up close to it’s body to make sure nothing could get it. It was too funny and cute to watch. Now the owner and trainer both know the potential this horse has because of the incident.

Below is part of the sequence of this jump. The pictures aren’t the best because it took place at the far corner of the arena and with cropping, the picture is so pixellated…so they are not the best pictures, but they did capture the event.

In fact, if the owner of the horse or trainer read this, they might not mind sharing their side of the story.




Aubrey’s Senior Pictures

I love to do Senior pictures! Why? Well because it gives me a chance to get to know each Senior that I do. They hold a special place in my heart as I work to try and capture the essence of who they are.

It’s especially nice when it is a niece. Today I’m featuring my niece (she is my brother’s daughter). Aubrey lives in another state so she loves the mountain backdrop. She really was set on getting a photograph with the railroad in the background.

I took these at the beginning of July while they were here visiting. I love taking photographs at my parents home because it has such a large selection of backdrops and backgrounds.

Aubrey thanks for letting me do this for you! Here are some of my favorites.