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Big Horn Basin Foxtrotter Show

The Big Horn Basin Foxtrotter show is underway at the Powell Fairgrounds. It started yesterday afternoon at 5:00PM with the Model Class. Towards the end of the show a big thunderstorm/rainstorm rolled in. So the show was delayed for about an hour. The storm did not just blow by like normal but continued so the show staff resumed the show in the beef barn.

Being the Show photographer is both fun and wearing. Fun because:
1. By owning foxtrotters myself I pick up many tips/helps from the show
2. seeing the folks I’ve met in previous years and meeting new ones.

Wearing because:
1. I usually don’t get much sleep at all because I spend the nights off loading my pictures onto the computer, backing them up, and then deleting the cards so I have empty cards to take pictures on the next day.
2. The next week is busy trying to sort all the pictures by rider numbers so it makes it easier for the customers to find “Their” pictures without sorting through many others.