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Warm Weather…

means photography opportunities!  Call for your appointment today.  The 10th caller will get a spring discount of 35% .  Looking forward to serving you.

Moonrock Equine Show

For the last number of years I’ve been going to Worland to get pictures of the Moonrock Equine Show. It takes place the first weekend in June. It is an awesome place to be if you want to watch some fantastic jumping. This year they couldn’t jump out at the “Moonrock’ place because of the rain. So they held it in the arena. Because of the rain and some others reasons I ended up photographing the events from the stadium. Of course, that presents challenges in capturing good pictures. Yet I did the best I could, considering.

I was reminded of an incident that took place because of an order that was just made the other day. It was so memorable that I had to share it here.

A horse came to a jump that had a little pool of water in it. It didn’t know quite what to do. It jumped clear over it and so high and of course it’s legs sprung right up close to it’s body to make sure nothing could get it. It was too funny and cute to watch. Now the owner and trainer both know the potential this horse has because of the incident.

Below is part of the sequence of this jump. The pictures aren’t the best because it took place at the far corner of the arena and with cropping, the picture is so pixellated…so they are not the best pictures, but they did capture the event.

In fact, if the owner of the horse or trainer read this, they might not mind sharing their side of the story.





The Horse Ride…

While Bri was here in Wyoming she wanted to ride a horse.  Since I’m short on horses nowm, I decided to call a friend and past 4-H horse leader for my kids.  She was so good to let us come on short notice!  Thanks Jody!  We went Thursday August 27th.  Finally I’m getting these up and posted.  Enjoy!!

Bri on the Horse "Gunner"

Bri on the Horse "Gunner"

Above:  You can just see it in her face…just totally happy to be there on top!

Waiting for Neal to finish his Ride.

Waiting for Neal to finish his Ride.

Above:  What a group!

Ryan Riding

Ryan Riding

Above:  Not all my kids are horse riders but Ryan rode because of Bri!

Bri Brushing the Horse

Bri Brushing the Horse

Above:  It’s always good to finish a ride by brushing the horse.  Here is Bri doing  just that.

Bri, Ryan, & Sonya

Bri, Ryan, & Sonya

Above:  Alex took this picture of us.

Bri & Ryan

Bri & Ryan

Above:  Alex took this picture.  He did great with it.  They are waiting to thank Jody for the ride on her horses.

Update: Big Horn Basin Foxtrotter pictures

I’m still working on sorting them. Believe me it will make it easier for you to see your own pictures. Hopefully I’ll get them done here before too long. Be sure to sign up with your email to get an email when they are posted and ready to view.

Random Pictures from the BHBFTA show

Here are some random pictures from the foxtrotter show that was held in Powell, Wyoming in Aug 2009.












So how many pictures?

Working a full time job makes it a bit tricky in hurrying the process of downloading my images. So naturally, I’m still in the process of off loading my images from the Compact flash cards. They are images that I captured for the BHBFT Show in Powell last week. Normally when I do equine shows I use 4 GB cards which can hold a little over 1,000 images. It’s easy to get quite a few cards filled with images. When I use my Canon 20D camera I can only off load 100 images at a time which generally take about 20 minutes to do.

People love to ask me, “So how many pictures do you get?”. I normally reply with, “alot”. With shows like this it is easy to get well over 2,000 pictures. That information usually blows people away.

So why in the world do I capture so many pictures? Well, experience has taught me that these horseman/woman are looking for just the right move and to capture that perfect move I have to get a sequence of at least 10 or more for every good one. Therefore I like to take alot of pictures so I have choices to offer my customers.

Then I have to sort them by rider number before I can post the pictures for the customers to view and order from. So if you are a customer be sure to keep checking my web site at http://www.sumphoto.com. Or better yet you can sign up to get an email when they are posted. This way you don’t need to forget. Just click on this link to sign up.

Equine Photographers

Life as a equine event photographer can be interesting. There are many hours spent preparing for the show, of course taking the pictures during the show and then all the work after the show.

I capture alot of photographs during horse shows. To make it easier on my customers, I like to sort the pictures by rider numbers. This way they don’t have to look through bunches of pictures that aren’t of them. This process can take up to a week to sort, prepare, etc.

Big Horn Basin Foxtrotter Show

The Big Horn Basin Foxtrotter show is underway at the Powell Fairgrounds. It started yesterday afternoon at 5:00PM with the Model Class. Towards the end of the show a big thunderstorm/rainstorm rolled in. So the show was delayed for about an hour. The storm did not just blow by like normal but continued so the show staff resumed the show in the beef barn.

Being the Show photographer is both fun and wearing. Fun because:
1. By owning foxtrotters myself I pick up many tips/helps from the show
2. seeing the folks I’ve met in previous years and meeting new ones.

Wearing because:
1. I usually don’t get much sleep at all because I spend the nights off loading my pictures onto the computer, backing them up, and then deleting the cards so I have empty cards to take pictures on the next day.
2. The next week is busy trying to sort all the pictures by rider numbers so it makes it easier for the customers to find “Their” pictures without sorting through many others.