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Billings again

Today was the day to go fetch Steve from the Billings airport.  Once again I left my camera at home.  A BAD thing to do because that’s when one will always find those perfect picture moments.

How does one describe in words what a picture can convey?  Well for me pictures can say things far better than I can in words.  Never was gifted at that, but I’ll attempt here in this post.  By the time you’re done reading, if you do, you’ll probably wish I did have the camera too.

Sure enough, I saw quite a few perfect pictures.  One was of the river valley outside of Belfry.  The fog coated all the bushes, trees, etc….next to the river with all its white glory.  Then the river had steam rising up in the cold air.  There were quite a few places that would have composed a GREAT picture.  Alas no camera…so I guess I’ll have to keep the image in my mind till it’s replaced.

Then there was an area that had at least two dozen black ravens all together.  They were feasting on a road kill.  It was quite the site because I don’t think I’ve ever saw more than three together in one area.  Made me appreciate my own method of eating in the comfort of a warm home.  Then I saw numerous hawks perched here and there.

Coming home, I thought I saw a wolf.  So we pulled over to view it.  Of course it knew that wasn’t normal, so it immediately ran off.  We watched it run across the field from a distance and tried to figure out if it was indeed a wolf, maybe a coyote or fox.  Regardless, that would have been fun to try capturing.

When seeing animals while traveling like this, it’s hard to capture those pictures, because by the time you stop, pull out your equipment, etc…the animal is long gone.  So I try to console myself by saying I wouldn’t have been able to get it anyway, but then that is the fun and challenge in trying.

In the end the trip to Billings this week may have been well worth the time, even if I didn’t capture those pictures, because their are some positive possibilities on the horizon for Steve.  Now, that would be the most perfect picture!  Yet I’m not sure if words or pictures can capture the deep feelings involved in that moment when it indeed becomes real.   Just hoping those possibilities don’t die as the others have.

Ordering Pictures for Christmas?

This is a friendly reminder to all my customers who would like to order pictures for Christmas.  I usually get lots of orders and get backlogged and then the lab I send them to has the same problem.  So it takes longer to process orders at this time of the year.  So please get those orders in soon if you want them in time for Christmas.  This becomes even more inportant if they are to be mailed elsewhere.

Also I would like to THANK all my customers.  It’s certainly a joy to work with each of you.

Family Pictures

Tanya was so amazing!  The decision to get family pictures was made at the last minute.   Of course, we were loosing light quickly as it was getting to be dusk.  She was able to get everyone moving, changed, and ready in such a short time.  To top it off she she even had matching shirts on hand.  Fortunately they cooperated so well and moved so quickly that we were able to get several different family poses in!  Way to go Kevin and Tanya!

In these samples I thought it would be fun to show you different borders and how they can look with a photograph!  The right borders can really add to the photograph!  The same goes with a digital scapbook layout.







Kevin & Tanya Cortrights Family Picture


Peters Family Pictures

I got to take pictures for one of the sweetest families I know! Of course, the kids are so adorable! We went to my parents place to get the pictures, so we could take advantage of the old grungy barn/farm style there. Anyhow they dressed to fit the setting which made the difference. Below are a few pictures that I quickly choose to share here.

Also there is a slide show showing more pictures. To watch the slide show click here:

To view all the photographs click here(need password to enter):

Thanks Adam and Page for allowing me to capture these precious photographs of your little family. I so enjoyed doing it!


50th Wedding Anniversary

My parents 50th wedding anniversary was on June 2nd of this year.  Isn’t that something else?  The worlds greatest parents too!  Yep, I know I’m very biased on it.  Anyhow I’ve been wanting to post something here about it and haven’t been able to till now.

Earlier this year I asked my mother what they would like for the anniversary.  She made it very clear that they wanted it kept small and with only the family.  That their desire would be to have all their kids and their families go out and eat at a restaurant together.

So we arranged a private room at a local restaurant here on July 2nd.  This date worked best because most of my siblings come to town for the 4th of July anyway.

After we finished at the restaurant, we came out to my house, where we got pictures.  After that, we went in and watched a slide show that I put together of all the pictures of my parents as kids with their parents, and of them through the years together.   It was fun to hear them recall stories as they veiwed various pictures.


50th Wedding Anniversary

Above two Pictures:  This was taken in June as a gift for their anniversary.  The top one I like because it catches a mood that is totally them.  Happy.  The next one is the one that my mother choose because she liked it.

PhotographerThis was taken at the restaurant we ate at.  It captures them.

PhotographerThis was another precious moment captured as we were getting everyone lined up for the group pictures.

PhotographerHere is the BIG group picture of everyone who made it to their celebration.  What a group it is too.  We were missing a few of my kids and a few of my siblings kids.

PhotographerHere is me with my siblings and parents.  We really didn’t plan the picture part very well, so we were wearing clothing that really didn’t match, so turning it into a Black and White photograph was the best solution.

Ava, Davis and Savannah…

Capturing children can be challenging. Some are so active and don’t like to hold still for very long at all. So getting them busy with something helps one to capture them in their environment.

Here are some pictures I got of my youngest brothers three children. They are sooooo cute and fun to spend time with. They too live in another state so we don’t get to see them very often. Of course they’ve grown alot since we saw them a year ago. Naturally I like to get pictures while I can. Here are a couple of my favorites of them.








So how many pictures?

Working a full time job makes it a bit tricky in hurrying the process of downloading my images. So naturally, I’m still in the process of off loading my images from the Compact flash cards. They are images that I captured for the BHBFT Show in Powell last week. Normally when I do equine shows I use 4 GB cards which can hold a little over 1,000 images. It’s easy to get quite a few cards filled with images. When I use my Canon 20D camera I can only off load 100 images at a time which generally take about 20 minutes to do.

People love to ask me, “So how many pictures do you get?”. I normally reply with, “alot”. With shows like this it is easy to get well over 2,000 pictures. That information usually blows people away.

So why in the world do I capture so many pictures? Well, experience has taught me that these horseman/woman are looking for just the right move and to capture that perfect move I have to get a sequence of at least 10 or more for every good one. Therefore I like to take alot of pictures so I have choices to offer my customers.

Then I have to sort them by rider number before I can post the pictures for the customers to view and order from. So if you are a customer be sure to keep checking my web site at http://www.sumphoto.com. Or better yet you can sign up to get an email when they are posted. This way you don’t need to forget. Just click on this link to sign up.