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Digital Scrapbooking Day

Did you know that Nov 7th is Digital Scrapbooking Day!  Digital photography is perfect with Digital scapbooking.  If you enjoy pictures and or scrapbooking you might want to check these links out.

Here is a place where you can see examples of Digital scapbooking pages.   You can see a variety of digital kits availabe for free or for sale by clicking here.  Of course if you have any questions about starting, how to’s, etc….then click here to visit the forum.  You can read what is already there or register to login and post your own questions.

Below is an ad made using a digital kit found in the SumScrapper Shoppe.


Digital Scrapbooking…

seems to go perfectly with digital photography.  Both are very addicting and fun.  Photography can be a form of artwork and of course so is digital scrapbooking.  Together they can make a fanastic display to enjoy.

Anyhow I was searching for a specific picture when I can across a scrapbook page that I did for one of my customers.  Of course, it just brought back a flood of memories.  Why?  Well for one thing these sisters was able to have FUN in spite of me taking pictures.  This doesn’t just happen with everyone…many seem to tense up in front of the camera.  So the pictures captured their fun at enjoying each other.

Then, this one sister wanted me to create a digital scrapbook page for her.  She gave me the colors she liked, pictures she selected, and then I worked on creating a page for her.  I loved the challenge and of course it made it sweeter when she LOVED and adored it.  That was SWEET!  Nothing better than making a customer happy.

Sketch_SonyaAdp2 copy 2_12x12 ScrapbookLO_Sample5_500

Park County Fair

Recently I had a request for some pictures taken at the Park County Fair.  Anyhow it brought back some wonderful memories of this past summer.  The memories of the time spent with those that share the same interest as I.

In this case it was being owners of goats and parents of children.  Most parents of 4-H children is trying to help their kids to learn the value of something like caring for animals and the responsibilities it goes with it.

I enjoy visiting with the youth and parents that share the goat barn with us.  They are a great group of people in Park County. One of these young ladies happened to be holding and loving her baby goat alot.  It was the sweetest thing to watch the two together.  So naturally I had to take pictures.  So here is some pictures of her with her little baby goat.




I3_5730_07252009_CC_5x5_500Here she is letting a little girl pet it.  Of course this was very popular with the kids coming through the barn.

I2_6710_07242009_CC_5x5_500Here she is showing a goat at the Goat Show.

I2_6737_07242009_CC_5x5_500 Here is another one with her showing her goat at the Goat Show.

SM_GrandmaAppleOrchard-sketchtemplate0015_GoatsFair_5x5_500Here is all the pictures put into a Digital Scrapbook page.

Greater Wisdom…

This thought came off of a bumper sticker of a fellow worker of mine.  I loved it, wrote it down and decided to use this as the thought for the day.  It’s a good one.


50% off Sale

Digital Design Den is Going out of Business.

It has a sale going on right now where you can get everything at 50% off. It’s a super deal if you collect digital scrapbook kits. You can find it here.


With Digital Design Den closing the members are looking for a place to gather. Sandy (owner of DDD) has done her homework and suggested Hummie’s. Hummie has been busy over at DDD welcoming all who wants to come over. Many of us Den friends have gone over to Hummie’s and signed in as new members. It will be a good place for all us Den friends to stay in touch. You can find Hummie’s place here.

Tu Tu Cute

A favorite past time of mine is looking at creative layouts that is posted at DDD. Some layouts just grabs my attention. This one did just that, so much so that I had to share it here.

It’s posted over at Digital Design Den in the gallery. So many things about the page makes it fantastic. The pretty use of the kit and the way it is placed, the title is very unique, and the photograph tops the page off. I love the photograph because of the lighting, the angle, the focus, and simply the way it draws one into the photograph itself.

For those that follows my photography tips the photo looks like it is following the “Rule of Thirds”. I haven’t put it to the test but by eyeballing it, it seems to be pretty close to it.

It’s posted by “showme” and she is using Sallie K’s beautiful kit called “A Special Love”.

Tu Tu Cute

Tu Tu Cute