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Moonrock Equine Show

For the last number of years I’ve been going to Worland to get pictures of the Moonrock Equine Show. It takes place the first weekend in June. It is an awesome place to be if you want to watch some fantastic jumping. This year they couldn’t jump out at the “Moonrock’ place because of the rain. So they held it in the arena. Because of the rain and some others reasons I ended up photographing the events from the stadium. Of course, that presents challenges in capturing good pictures. Yet I did the best I could, considering.

I was reminded of an incident that took place because of an order that was just made the other day. It was so memorable that I had to share it here.

A horse came to a jump that had a little pool of water in it. It didn’t know quite what to do. It jumped clear over it and so high and of course it’s legs sprung right up close to it’s body to make sure nothing could get it. It was too funny and cute to watch. Now the owner and trainer both know the potential this horse has because of the incident.

Below is part of the sequence of this jump. The pictures aren’t the best because it took place at the far corner of the arena and with cropping, the picture is so pixellated…so they are not the best pictures, but they did capture the event.

In fact, if the owner of the horse or trainer read this, they might not mind sharing their side of the story.




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