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So how many pictures?

Working a full time job makes it a bit tricky in hurrying the process of downloading my images. So naturally, I’m still in the process of off loading my images from the Compact flash cards. They are images that I captured for the BHBFT Show in Powell last week. Normally when I do equine shows I use 4 GB cards which can hold a little over 1,000 images. It’s easy to get quite a few cards filled with images. When I use my Canon 20D camera I can only off load 100 images at a time which generally take about 20 minutes to do.

People love to ask me, “So how many pictures do you get?”. I normally reply with, “alot”. With shows like this it is easy to get well over 2,000 pictures. That information usually blows people away.

So why in the world do I capture so many pictures? Well, experience has taught me that these horseman/woman are looking for just the right move and to capture that perfect move I have to get a sequence of at least 10 or more for every good one. Therefore I like to take alot of pictures so I have choices to offer my customers.

Then I have to sort them by rider number before I can post the pictures for the customers to view and order from. So if you are a customer be sure to keep checking my web site at http://www.sumphoto.com. Or better yet you can sign up to get an email when they are posted. This way you don’t need to forget. Just click on this link to sign up.

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